Bathroom renovations can seem complicated–maybe too complicated to attempt yourself. While there are some projects that probably should be left to the professionals (such as any project that involves moving plumbing), there are some bathroom renovation projects that an adept DIYer can accomplish on their own. Here are a few of them.

Replacing hardware.

This is one of the easiest changes you can make in your bathroom. Switch out the door knob, cabinet handles, towel racks, etc. to easily completely change the feel of your entire bathroom. You can get matching hardware for a classic look, or mix metals for a more modern and sophisticated look. Whatever style you’re going for, your home improvement store is sure to have plenty of options, or you can check out our assortment of cabinet knobs.

Replacing water fixtures.

If you know a little bit about plumbing, you can replace the fixtures in your bathroom, such as your showerhead or faucet. Never underestimate what a new showerhead can do for your life. Especially if you have been getting terrible water pressure before, a new showerhead or sink can make your daily routine faster and easier. As mentioned before, you can match these to your hardware, or carefully mix metals for a more unique look.


Painting takes time and preparation, but it’s not very difficult. And the best part is that it offers so many possibilities. You can repaint the entire bathroom the same color, or paint just one wall for a pop of unexpected color. You can also consider using bold wallpaper to create a statement wall. It’s best to use the wall farthest from the shower (if your bathroom has one) for wallpaper so that the water won’t ruin the wallpaper and cause it to peel.

Installing a medicine cabinet.

If you’re short on storage space and you don’t already have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, it can be a fairly simple process to install one. In addition to actual medicine, a medicine cabinet is a great place to store toothbrushes, deodorant, make up, or anything else that might be cluttering up your counter space at the moment. However, be careful if you have to tear down an existing mirror, as they are prone to breaking (and who wants the 7 years of bad luck?)

Retiling the floor.

Tiling a floor requires patience more than anything. If that’s something you have, you can retile your own floor. Changing out old, dirty tile for new tile can totally spruce up a bathroom. Like paint colors, your tile options are virtually endless. Tile comes in a huge variety of colors and even shapes. Geometric shapes, such as hexagons, are especially popular right not because they are a bit unexpected. Whatever your taste, there is a tile to suit it.

Assembling and installing a vanity.

You might think you can’t put together and install your own cabinets in your bathroom, but you’d be wrong! Our RTA bathroom cabinets make the process as easy as possible so that everyone can have the beautiful bathroom of their dreams. If you get stuck, our friendly staff is just a call away and eager to assist you! Changing out the cabinetry in your bathroom can completely change the look and feel of the room, as well as increase your storage space. There’s no reason not to install your own RTA bathroom cabinets!


There are many bathroom renovation projects you can do yourself! Have you undertaken a DIY bathroom renovation? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!