Clean Contemporary Kitchen InteriorIf your home has cabinets that connect wall to wall, you probably have some pesky corner cupboards that are difficult to reach into. Corner cupboards are usually very large, and often involve deep corners and shelves. They are great for storing items that you don’t use very often, but most of the time, you are probably wanting a better way to maximize that space.

A built-in lazy Susan is the perfect solution for a cramped corner cupboard. It’s basically a set of rotating shelves that allows you to optimize the amount of storage space in your corner cupboard. Read on to discover the different types and benefits that come with installing your own lazy Susan.

Most Common Types

Full-Circle Lazy Susan

Like its name suggests, this lazy Susan’s shelves are full circles, giving you plenty of space to store things. This style usually features 3 shelves, but can be customized to have 2-5 shelves according to your specific needs. Its full-circle shape gives you the most storage space possible. You can fit more into your cupboard while at the same time allowing unlimited access to each item. This particular model is found most commonly in cross corner cabinets with a 45 degree angle opening.

Kidney Lazy Susan

Once again, the name gives it away. The kidney lazy Susan is shaped like a kidney, with a rounded, triangular cutout. Although these don’t have quite as much coverage as full-circle lazy Susans, they are perfect for corner, L-shaped cabinets with 90 degree angle openings. They can be customized to fit any size cupboard and their shape allows easy access to anything in the cupboard through the awkward opening.


Maximizes Corner Cupboard Space

Without a built-in lazy Susan, corner cupboards are simply massive, awkward cupboards, often with deep, hard-to-reach corners and shelves. Lazy Susans allow you to get the most advantageous storage space out of your cupboards.

Locate Things Easier

Because of their ability to rotate, lazy Susan shelving makes it much easier to locate certain items. With normal shelving in corner cabinets, there would be a lot of lifting, removing, and pushing aside in order to find the exact ingredient you need on those large shelves. A lazy Susan allows you to organize your kitchen supplies and then easily bring items in the back to the front with its smooth rotation.

Having a lazy Susan installed in your corner cabinet would amplify your kitchen’s organization and functionality. Take a look at our cabinet accessories tab to look into our lazy Susan options, and say goodbye to cluttered corner cabinets.