Spinach Strawberry SaladSpring is a great time to get out of the cold-weather lag you’ve been feeling all winter and bring some life back into the kitchen. One great way to do this is to consider which foods are in-season and create a plan for creating delicious, spring-appropriate cuisine over the next couple of months. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered on what produce to buy, which kitchen utensils to consider adding to your collection, and how to give your kitchen a makeover just in time for the warm weather.

In-Season Produce


These tender stalks will give any dish a good health boost, as they are low in fat and high in fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron. Try them roasted or grilled.


There are a variety of greens coming into season that you can take advantage of, from arugula and spinach to collard greens and lettuce. This makes spring the perfect season to start loving salads.


This side-dish staple comes into season in the spring and is here to stay throughout the summer. Just remember that they don’t have to be limited to side dishes like peas and carrots; they are also a focal ingredient in popular dishes like shepherd’s pie, pasta carbonara, pea, soup, and spring-themed salads. The possibilities with them are endless!


These root vegetables that are rich in vitamin C are often overlooked, but they make a great addition to salads, soups, cooked dishes, and more. They tend to give dishes a peppery flavor. Go ahead and see what possibilities you can come up with.


If you’ve never had strawberry-rhubarb pie or raspberry-rhubarb pie, now is a great time to try it. In-season rhubarb pairs quite well with the fruit that you’re itching to use in your spring recipes, giving dishes a slightly tart taste. It is also a popular addition to salads and salsas.


Though you may have once thought that these are a summer fruit, they actually peak from about April to June in many areas of the country. So get a head-start on summer by using strawberries in your smoothies, salads, desserts, and more.

New Kitchen Utensils

One of the highlights of spring cuisine is bringing fresh salads back into the kitchen. Here’s what you may not already have in your kitchen that will help you make delicious salads at home.

Salad Spinner

With so many greens and delicious berries coming into season, you’ll want to start a salad making trend now and let it continue throughout the summer. Salad spinners are especially great because they allow you to wash greens and quickly dry them for use in your favorite salads.

Salad Bowl Set

Along with a salad spinner, it’s good idea to invest in a bowl with serving utensils fit for tossing if you don’t already have them.

Salad Dressing Bottle

This is the perfect thing to complete your salad making collection of utensils; once you start making your own dressings with oils, spices, and fruit juices of your choice, you won’t want to get another store-bought dressing again.

A Fresh New Look

Spring is a time to celebrate rebirth, so why not give your kitchen new life of its own? New cabinets in particular are a great way to to give your kitchen the makeover it’s craving. If you’re in need of inspiration or are considering purchasing factory-direct cabinets, take a look at the beautiful selection that we have to offer.