white kitchen cabinetsAre you considering getting new cabinets for your kitchen, only to find that you can’t choose between white cabinets and cabinets of a stained wood finish? Here are seven reasons that white cabinets might be just what your kitchen needs.

They will brighten up your kitchen.

Installing white cabinets in your kitchen will instantly brighten up your kitchen space. In fact, the white surfaces of the cabinets will actually reflect any sunlight that streams in through the windows, filling the room with beautiful ambient light.

They will give your kitchen a clean look.

When used in design, white has always imparted an air of cleanliness and purity. Opting for white cabinets is sure to give your kitchen a clean and fresh look—which is definitely something you want in a kitchen.

They will make your kitchen appear larger.

White also happens to make a room appear larger, which will make your kitchen a space that offers plenty of breathing room. This makes white cabinets especially perfect for smaller kitchens.

They can suit any style.

White cabinets are extremely versatile in that they can be made to suit any style, be it European, traditional, modern, or country.

They complement just about everything.

White cabinets will give you a great deal of flexibility in how you approach decorating your kitchen because white goes with just about everything. White on white, white with a bold color, classic black and white—all are great options to choose from. If you’re someone who loves to give your home a new look every few years, white cabinets allow you to keep your investment while changing up other things like paint color, hardware, or lighting. Or if you’ve been wanting to bring a more decorative accent piece like a colorful island into your kitchen, white cabinets make that possible. White even goes well with many other woods you might be wanting to bring into the kitchen—something you couldn’t necessarily do with cabinets in a stained wood-look finish.

They will stand the test of time.

While certain finishes of wood might become associated with particular time periods in interior design, white is a classic color that will never go out of style.

They are marketable.

For all of these reasons listed, white cabinets are also extremely marketable, which isn’t a bad notion considering that your cabinets may very will stay in your current home longer than you will.