Don’t Give up Counter Space!

With all the extra appliances today and the need for more cabinet storage, you can forget about all the space you need to prepare meals. Make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of open space either below your cabinets or on an island (if you have the space). Notice in the picture above, the microwave has a place off of the counter and major emphasis was put on keeping a lot of open counter space.

Find a Focal Point!

Keep eyes excited and focused in your new kitchen – whether you put in a shiny new range or you have a chance to show off some antiques. An elegant light over an island can even do the trick. Having that focal point will help the kitchen feel simple but smart and help you keep it clean. In our picture above, the eyes are drawn just above the range as well as the lighting with all the other details just complimenting those.

Use Light Colors in a Small Kitchen!

Sometimes in older homes, those darn kitchens just don’t give you the preferred space to work. Work with what you have and keep an eye out for light colors (like these white RTA cabinets) that make the kitchen open up and feel cleaner. Everything doesn’t have to be white, but stay away from lots of black or very dark wood.

Arrange the Range!

You will undoubtedly regret not having more storage near your range if you don’t heed this warning! Build in RTA cabinets and other elements to keep your pots and pans, oils, and spices handy while you’re playing chef. Talk to an expert about your design options.

Don’t Overpay for Things!

While you may want to pay a little extra to get tools for organizing like designated holders for knives or lazy susans,  you don’t want to shell out cash on others. Saving money on cabinets or tile, for example, can save you thousands of dollars! Ready-To-Assemble cabinets cut significant costs without looking cheap. Just make sure to save where you can so that you can afford all the little elements of that dream kitchen!

Cabinet Corner is here to help you put it all together on a realistic budget. See all the options we offer!