Customer Reviews

There is a reason why people who buy their ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets from Cabinet Corner have such great things to say: we really do sell the highest-quality RTA cabinets around. It’s that simple. Take a look at what some of our recent customers have had to say about their new cabinets:.

“You have a wonderful line of cabinets and I have enjoyed working with you. As with most large projects there are inevitably some extra pieces I needed at the last minute. The excellent customer service and fast shipping was very much appreciated. We have received many comments on the overall quality of the cabinets. The cabinets were easy to build and install to make a professional looking home. Hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future. Thanks again.”

Eric H, Lake George, CO

“This company sells absolutely beautiful cabinets and great customer service! Just finished getting these dark wood cabinets installed in my kitchen and I love them. I am so glad that I chose to go this route…the quality and the look are just outstanding.”

Terri A., Las Vegas, NV

“Cabinet Corner saved me lots of time. Everyone was great and the cabinets are top notch. Thanks”

Wes R., Nampa, ID

“We assembled and installed the cabinets ourselves which was very easy to do with basic tools. We did make a custom padded bench to go under the coat rack in the mudroom which required the use of my table saw, miter saw and Kreg joining tool. The crown molding at the top of the cabinets also required the use of my miter saw and pneumatic pin nailer. The materials for this we were able to order directly from you via your website catalog. We are very happy with the results and would recommend your products to anyone who is considering RTA cabinets. Thanks again to everyone at Cabinet Corner for providing a fine product, your professionalism and for making us feel taken care of as a customer in every way.”


“Our home bar looks great with the cabinets we selected. Shipping was perfect and assembly as expected. You were very friendly and professional. We have received many compliments and we have already recommended you to friends.”


“Our kitchen is finally done! Thank you so much! We added a custom wine rack and custom shelves using the extra trim pieces we ordered. We also widened the door and drawer in the corner blind cabinet. And we put a homemade stained glass piece in the wall cabinet next to the pantry. Everything looks amazing! We love your cabinets and we recommend them to all of our friends. Take care!”


“Everything went well with our two cabinet projects. The sales and support was phenomenal! We absolutely loved the cabinets and the RTA concept worked perfectly.  In our Laundry Room, I used three cabinets to create storage in dead space above our washer and dryer. In our living room, I used two base cabinets, shortened the depth by a few inches, used existing trim as a toe plate and built a custom shelf (”countertop”) and backstop to hide wires. All in all, I think everything blends well. Thanks again for the great products!!”

Tom Regen

“[M]y cabinets turned out beautifully making my mobile home kitchen more beautiful and efficient.  I believe that do it yourselfers with average skills should be able to accomplish what I did and that I saved at least 1/2 over having it done. I would not hesitate to recommend these cabinets to anyone looking for quality and beauty at an affordable price.”

Gerald Bagan

“Just letting you all know my kitchen is now complete and I love it!!  The order was shipped exactly as you said it would…I thank you for your product and have been telling everyone about you. Again thank you for such beautiful cabinets – awesome!!”

Teresa W.

“They have given us the opportunity to sell high quality cabinets to our customers at an affordable price. The quality and service is great, and we have really enjoyed working with them over the last 2 years.”

Rick McBride, Habitat for Humanity

“The cabinets are amazing! The kitchen design really maximizes space and functionality. Everyone who see them love them! It seemed like such a risk to buy ready to assemble cabinets online but from start to finish your company is amazing. I know I was probably your neediest client ever but you were always wonderful. I feel such a sense of accomplishment every time I look at my beautiful kitchen and I really do think of the two of you who were so patient and accommodating every time I called. Thanks again!”

Gina U., Rocklin, CA

“I waited to complete our project before I commented about your product…  I finished installation of your cabinets (except the counters and floor) and thought it was time to remark. Your website, catalog, and telephone customer service was excellent. People are friendly, web was easy to use, and everything was self explanatory. When I noticed I needed something to complete the project, your response was excellent, and was able to get back on track quickly. I cannot think of an improvement, other than say keep it up….  At the end of the day, I would say that your company does excellent service, provides a great product, and I would recommend these cabinets to anyone interested in a more superior product with pricing to match. Thank you and keep improving for long lasting superior business.”

Tom and Trish

“I want to apologize for contacting you today with a complaint regarding missing bolts and cams. I found a bag or 30 cams and bolts that apparently walked off. And I found the instructions for building the cabinets.  I really feel embarrassed and wish to compliment you on the calm manner in which you addressed my concerns. I’m guessing that I may not be the first person to call with these issues, but I regret starting your morning off this way. I must commend you on doing a great job…  Now regarding the cabinets, I know this may sound hollow, but your cabinets are very well built. The cuts are clean and square. To summarize, Molly and I are very pleased with our purchase, Please convey to your associate that we appreciate a quality product.”

Tom Baldosser

“I received my order last Wednesday, just one word: ‘IMPRESSIVE,’ I have been in the building trades my entire life, close to 40 years. These cabinets are the best I have ever used. You will probably be hearing from me and my friends again in the near future!!!! Thank you.”

Larry G., Tehachapi, CA

“I have just put together some of the cabinets. I’ve got to say, I am VERY impressed so far with the quality of the cabinets! The finish is just what I was expecting and wanted and the quality of the alder is excellent! Thanks so much for the fast service, reasonable prices, and great cabinets! I will send you a picture when everything is installed.”

Bill M., Santa Barbara, CA

“We love our cabinets – they are a beautiful addition to our Mountain Home in Brian Head. We will be featured on National Geographic Channel next Tuesday 2/24 at 10pm EST. A photo of our kitchen with your cabinets is posted on the Nat Geo Website.  Thanks again.”

Darin & Kristen B., Brian Head, UT

“Thank you for the fast service. By the looks of your shipping box, you have a professionally run business. I liked the phone call telling me that the order was shipped. I will be using you again for future projects. Send me a catalog if you have one. To all involved ‘good job.’  Thank you.”

Eric B., Montrose, CO

“Thank you for the BEST customer service we have ever received! We love our new home, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, furnished with your lovely cabinets. When my husband suggested putting cabinets in the living room, they harmonized, floor to ceiling with the adjacent kitchen. The towers in each bathroom again  allow floor to ceiling storage with pull-out drawers…  [T]he RTA cabinets arrived beautifully packaged, and were assembled with ease. Since we had completely remodeled the house, we were in “construction disarray” and required additional assistance—always provided with grace and patience.  We are very happy with the look, functionality, and ease of maintenance our new kitchen provides. The deeper over-the-refrigerator cabinet allows easy access. While our kitchen is small,
the details worked out in the design, including the pantry, really make cooking in this kitchen fun and very easy to clean!  We cannot praise enough the customer service and lovely, sturdy products…the combination exceeds 10 out of 10!”

Lani Elder

“From the first phone call to the last – we want to thank everyone… This is our first ever attempt at doing this and I was mighty worried that we ‘bit off way more than we could chew’… but Dave has got the patience of Job and between him plus the short instructional videos – let me tell you, if you have some basic skills, common sense, know how to follow simple instructions, use a cordless screwdriver, then anyone can do it. Here’s what we did in a nutshell:
My husband and son watched the video once, had a brief chat with Dave ( because I’m a big worry wort) and then proceeded to put all 18 cabinets together in 4 hrs flat. That’s right – simple boxes you screw together. 45 minutes for the first one (because I am a worry wort and ask a a hundred questions) then 10 minutes for each cabinet thereafter. We rented the smallest hook up trailer and put the cabinets in it and drove 6 hrs to the mountains. The cabinets slid into place perfectly. They watched the crown molding video and attached it – perfectly. The entire cabinet installation took less than a day. Only my two guys! It was more work to get the flooring and counter top in than the cabinets!! These cabinets are beautiful and high quality – they are finished on the inside too. We love the finger pull style, giving it a very clean look. We planned on adding bronze knobs but we are not doing that now because we ended up loving the look of the cabinets!! Sometimes – less is more!”

Catalina Q., Mammoth Lakes, CA

“I have to tell you, people rave about our new kitchen and guest bath!! The first comment is, ‘WOW! The cabinets are gorgeous!’ We just had a couple of realtors in the house last weekend, and they wanted all the information of where we got everything, as one of them want to remodel their living space.  Can’t wait to get our master bath done!!”

Kathy L., Longmont, CO

“As it turns out, we LOVED the cabinets! We did a LOT or research on cabinets for many months and we are completely satisfied with the quality of their cabinets. Beau has installed cabinets before, but I have not. In fact, I’m a bit klutzy in that arena. However, their cabinets were a breeze to install – even for ME! If I can do it, you certainly can, too!”

Audrey Gail, of

“This message is for Dave. Thank you for sending the rear bracket jig for the soft close slides to my cousin Marty and Terry in Lake Geneva, Illinois. It has been awhile since he received the jig and he called me to help install them this weekend. I apologize for not thanking earlier. You and your company’s prompt service request is much appreciated. I will be sure to recommend your company to any inquiries I may get – since I am a retired cabinet installer.”

Daniel B., Mokena, IL