As you are planning to remodel your home, be careful of the following “Remodeling Don’ts”:

Don’t Change Your Mind

The biggest delay in home remodeling projects is caused by changes to the plan.  While a few changes may be necessary along the way due to budget or functionality, every change affects the entire project. It changes the schedule, the budget, the blueprints, etc.  Even seemingly small changes can have a huge effect.  By making sure that you have a solid plan before you begin your remodeling project, you can avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary changes.  

Don’t Ignore Safety

Safety usually takes an extra second or two, but should never be ignored.  Make sure that all breakers are switched off before beginning your project, that you put on safety goggles, use the proper equipment, etc.  Don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to safety: you may end up saving your life.  

Don’t Only Factor In Price

You will get what you pay for.  The cheapest general contractor probably has his price because he does cheap work.  The cheapest materials tend to be of a lower quality.  As you plan your remodeling project, make sure to factor in quality alongside price.  Check reviews for products, and ask for references if you are contracting the work out.  While we all want a good deal, be careful to get a high quality product or service.  

Don’t DIY

While there are some small projects that are worth doing yourself, serious home renovations are best left to the professionals.  They have the proper tools, experience, and time to make your project as efficient and cost effective as possible.  Some projects, such as electricity, are downright dangerous, and you are required by law to have a professional complete them.  Be careful when it comes to taking on DIY projects that are outside of your abilities.  

Don’t Forget to Get a Sample

Don’t buy something online without seeing it in person.  Colors, look, and feel are all different on a computer monitor than in real life.  Luckily, many places will allow you to get a small sample for $1 or less.  Test your cabinet colors, paint swatches, carpet samples, and more in the actual space to see if you like them before you buy enough materials for the whole project.  

Don’t Forget to Look at Your Options

This tip goes for all parts of the remodeling process: from parts to people.  Don’t just go with the first quote that you receive, or the first cabinet you find.  Do your research and make sure that you are getting the best value, and the best fit for your home.