Here at Cabinet Corner, our goal is to help you design your dream kitchen. That’s why, in addition to our RTA kitchen cabinets, we offer a variety of kitchen cabinet accessories. These accessories pair perfectly with our cabinets in order to make your kitchen as functional and beautiful as possible. Check out some of the accessories we offer below:

Spice Racks

It can be difficult to store spices neatly. Cupboards are too deep, so you can’t see all of your spices and can make a mess trying to get them out. Luckily, we have the perfect solution. We offer spice racks that squeeze in between your cabinets in space that otherwise might be wasted. These racks pull out similar to drawers, and we offer them in both a 3 inch and 6 inch width so they perfectly fit your spices and you can easily see all of them at the same time. Spice racks are the perfect way to make your kitchen more organized without wasting any space.

Cookie Sheet Rack


Another common kitchen item that is difficult to store is cookie sheets. Because they are large and flat, they either don’t seem to fit in any of your cupboards or if they do, they end up underneath everything else and are difficult to get to. With our cookie sheet racks, you can store your baking sheets upright and easily get to them when you need to. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who likes to bake a lot!

Lazy Susan


Corner cabinets are a great use of space in a kitchen because they are so spacious; however, it can be difficult to reach everything in them because they are so deep. In that case, a lazy susan is your best friend. A lazy susan is a set of shelves that spin so nothing ends up lost in the back of the cupboard. We offer them in a traditional full circle for an angled corner and a kidney shape for a 90 degree corner, so they’ll fit every kitchen’s needs.

Rollout Trays


Rollout trays are similar to drawers, except they are hidden away inside of your cabinets. These are a great way to effectively use space without filling shelves to the brim and making it hard to get to items, and they go perfectly with eh rest of your cabinets.

Trash Pull


Garbage cans out in the open can be unsightly, plus in many kitchens there simply isn’t a convenient place to put a trash can without it always being in the way. That’s why trash pulls are a perfect addition to your cabinets. Trash pulls hide your trash away inside of a cabinet, so that it’s neatly tucked away and out of sight, but still easy to access.

We’re sure that we have the perfect kitchen cabinet accessory for everyone! if you have any questions or want to learn more about our cabinets and accessories, please feel free to contact us!