At Cabinet Corner, we make it easy for you to get the kitchen that is right for YOU, and not just any cookie-cutter kitchen. With different colors, sizes, and hardware to choose from, the only thing missing is the cherry on top: accessories. With these kitchen cabinet accessories, you can create a beautiful and functional kitchen. Here are a few of the accessories that we offer:


Crown Molding

We offer a variety of decorative crown moldings, which add a touch of style to your cabinets. The crown molding is the wood piece which runs across the top of the cabinets.


Spice Rack

It is often said that the heart of a home is the kitchen. It should be a place where functionality and design come together. With our 3″ and 6″ spice racks, all of your spices and other ingredients will fit neatly in one place, saving you space and allowing you to work efficiently!


Lazy Susan

This revolving table-tray, made popular in the mid-20th century makes a great cabinet accessory. Although the origins of the name “Lazy Susan” are unclear, one thing is certain: you won’t regret installing a ‘Lazy Susan’ or ‘Kidney Lazy Susan’ in your kitchen – another way to create a more functional kitchen.


Trash Pull

Nobody wants to see and smell the garbage all the time. With this pull-out trash accessory, you won’t have to. It gives you easy access to the garbage can when you need it, and lets you conveniently tuck it out-of-sight when you don’t.


These are only a few of the many cabinet accessories that you can integrate into your kitchen.  At Cabinet Corner, we are dedicated to making your dream kitchen a reality. We are here to help you from the planning and measuring stages, all the way till the project is complete. Contact us today to get started!