In a dream world, we’d renovate our kitchens every year and always have the newest appliances and hottest trends. However in the real world, that’s just not practical. Here are some ways to tell when it’s really time to renovate your kitchen.

Your cabinets are breaking

If your cabinet doors don’t quite line up anymore, the hardware is starting to fall off, or any other signs that your cabinets are breaking appear, it’s probably time to think about replacing them. When you do, make sure you get high quality cabinets that won’t break next time.

Your appliances don’t work the same

Maybe your sink leaks or your oven burner doesn’t work anymore. When your kitchen appliances start wearing out, it’s time to think about replacing them. And what better time to renovate your kitchen than when you’re getting a new stove or fridge?

Your floors are getting worn out

A lot happens in the kitchen, and kitchen floors really take a beating. If your floors are starting to get stained or start peeling up or otherwise looking worn down, it may be time to consider replacing the floors and renovating your kitchen while you’re at it.

Your life situation has changed

Sometimes a kitchen that is perfect for us at one point in our lives no longer works for us in another. If your family has grown, you’ve been cooking more, or you just find that the way your kitchen is set up no longer makes sense, it may be time to renovate your kitchen to fit your current needs.

You’re trying to improve the value of your home

If you plan on selling your home (soon or in the future), you may consider adding value to your home by remodeling your kitchen. A new kitchen can do wonders for the way your home looks, and consequently how buyers will feel about it.

It’s been a decade since your kitchen was last remodeled

Even if your appliances and cabinetry are holding up after all of this time, you might consider renovating your kitchen if it’s been a decade since the last time you updated it. Things can change a lot in that period of time, and there are lots of great new options and trends to incorporate.  

You just want a change

With all that said, there’s nothing wrong with updating your kitchen for no reason other than you just want a change. Your kitchen is one of the focal points of your house, and renovating can make a huge difference in the way your home feels.

No what your reason for remodeling your kitchen is, Cabinet Corner is here to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams! Request a free sample of our cabinets or contact us to start planning today!