In many of today’s homes, ceilings are higher but cabinet heights have generally stayed the same. A lot of kitchens have an awkward space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. So how should you fill that area up without making it look cluttered or seem like you tried too hard?

A very common thing people do is use faux shrubbery to fill up space. While these plants in small amounts can work to your advantage, they also have a lot of downsides. People often leave those plants up there for far too long or use too many of them.


  • Keep it simple
  • Try to stay with one theme/color
  • The point is not to draw the eye up to the decorations but to fill awkward spaces
  • Change up your decor regularly (every couple of years at most)

With Christmas coming up, it’s a good time to put up some holiday cheer in your kitchen. Make your RTA cabinets shine with some holly or pine up above them!