At Cabinet Corner, we’re here to help you create a wonderful kitchen look and feel from start to finish. Our discount RTA cabinets help you handle a major structural area of your kitchen for a reasonable cost, and their ready-to-assemble nature keeps any hassle out of your project in this area.

We also stock a wide range of RTA cabinet accessories, which many people use to put the finishing touches on a great kitchen design. Here are several simple, affordable additions you can consider that take very little effort for you to add.

Spice Rack

Any good chef needs lots of spices, which come in tiny bottles and need to be collected somewhere. A great spice rack, whether mounted on the cabinet door or elsewhere, is a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing way to organize these in one convenient place. They allow you save little bits of time here or there but also show off the kitchen’s versatility and cabinet usage.

Sponge Trays

Does your kitchen have faux drawer fronts located in front of the primary kitchen sink? This is a common design format that holds little purpose – but you can change that. You can convert those fronts into tilt-out trays that hold sponges, soap, cloths or other cleaning materials. This is often a great alternative to keeping them soaking up water at the back end of your sink.

Tray Inserts

Whether we’re talking rollout trays or lazy Susan options, there are several tray choices at your disposal when it comes to cabinets. Wooden trays are great because they’re heavy enough to avoid sliding around in the cabinet if they’re moved, so everything stays in place.

Wine Storage

If you’re someone who keeps a wine collection, the cabinets are a great way to store it. But you don’t want to clutter valuable space – consider slide-out wine storage racks instead. These can generally store anywhere from 12 all the way up to 30 bottles.

Trash Pullout

We also offer convenient trash pull options, which not only keep the stench of a trash bin away from people in the kitchen unless it’s actively open, but also help conserve space.

For more on affordable additions to the kitchen that complement RTA cabinets, or to shop RTA cabinets from our wide selection, contact the pros at Cabinet Corner today.